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    Why would I not leave all my wealth to my children?

    We believe children would quite easily accept a small portion going to their community especially if they themselves have benefitted from a good Hawke's Bay start and knowing that the community will be a better place as a result of their parent's generosity. This is something they will be reminded of every year with the HBF keeping in contact to show the difference it's made – what a lovely way to be reminded of a loved one!
    You can choose to leave a set figure or a percentage of your estate, capped to a ceiling value if you wish. The percentage rate is a popular option as it will always be relative to the remainder of your estate that your family will inherit.

    How do I go about leaving a gift in my will?

    Your lawyer can help you with this and we do recommend that you seek professional advice. Hawke's Bay Foundation has prepared a document with sample clauses for your will which your lawyer can use as a guide and can be easily tailored to suit your specific wishes. This can be downloaded from our website. Funds over $50,000 become a Named Fund.

    I've not heard of Community Foundations - are they new?

    Absolutely not!  All around the world, community foundations are providing an effective way to build better communities. Some of the most successful include the Vancouver Foundation, which from a humble $1,000 donation in 1943 has now grown to nearly $750 million. Other shining examples are: the Hong Kong Community Chest and the New York Foundation.

    Are there other Community Foundations in NZ?

    Yes, there are 11 Community Foundations all around the country from Northland to Timaru.  Many have been operating for several years and operate substantial funds with significant annual distributions.  Click here for details.

    What is their common purpose?

    Community Foundations are all about working together to make a lasting difference in local communities.  Community Foundations:

    • provide a vehicle for people to leave a gift to their community.
    • pool funds and invest them in perpetuity.  Interest from the funds supports the local communtiy or organisation every year, forever.
    • let donors choose who is to benefit from their fund's annual distributions.
    • have voluntary Trustees who are committed to ensuring a strong and caring Foundation that supports the community.
    • support a range of causes and communtiy interests, such as education, environment, health and medical research, art & culture, and social development.

    What are the goals of the Hawke's Bay Foundation?

    It's a long term strategy:

    • $1m at launch through 10 cornerstone founders.
    • $10m in 10 years; growth through future endowments - large & small donations, bequests in wills.
    • by our 10th anniversary, distribute a minimum of $300,000 per year to charitable projects in our community.

    I do not have cash to donate now, so what are my options?

    Giving is all about your personal situation.  You can choose to:

    • make a bequest in your will for a specified amount.
    • leave a percentage of your estate in your will
    • give during your lifetime - you can decide to make small or large donations over time.

    Why aren't all donated funds distributed immediately?

    For long-term strength it is important to accumulate a nest egg so that we grow capital and preserve it in order to generate on-going income.

    Can I direct my giving?

    Any donations or bequests of $50,000 or more can become a 'Named' Fund and can be either partially or entirely tagged to be given to the causes you personally have a wish to support. 

    How is the money allocated?

    Some donors of 'Named' Funds specify the charities and causes they want their money to support.  Untagged funds are directed by the Trustees to where they are most needed.  This is determined by gauging the vital signs of the community and working with many groups to assess levels of need.

    What are vital signs, and how are they assessed?

    These are the questions explored through conversations with the community. What makes a vibrant community? What kind of services and resources contribute to your quality of life? How do you get to know and connect with your neighbours to understand their needs?

    Why did you choose Youth Quest and the Hawke's Bay Museum to present at the launch?

    We wanted to show a balanced cross-section of possible recipients for Foundation funding. While YouthQuest is involved with social work for disadvantaged youth, the Museum addresses the cultural needs of the community. Both are equally important in their own way to our community vitality.

    Why would I give via HBF instead of giving directly to a charity?

    Direct donations are often spent immediately, so are then gone and possibly forgotten. A donation via HBF goes on giving forever - e.g., you may be a Hospice supporter and by selecting them as a charity of choice, your donation continues giving to them, rather than just being a one off.
    HBF will be in contact with you or your family annually to report on your giving, and recipients receive an annual "Donor Profile" reminding them of where a donation originated.

    How do I know what amount to leave when I don't know how long I will live for and what will be left?

    You don't have to be specific. You can consider leaving a percentage of your estate, perhaps with a ceiling limit attached to it.

    I have a Trust, so what benefit would there be in giving via HBF?

    Using HBF for your charitable giving minimises the burden of the management of your Trust after you and your advisors have passed on. There are also obvious economies of scale, which lead to savings in administration and fees, meaning more money for your intended recipients.

    Can I contribute in a limited way during my lifetime?

    You may choose to give just a little every year, working towards a 'named fund' either during your life time or beyond. In the meantime, what you have donated will earn interest and make a difference through general distributions.

    How can I be assured that my donation will be well taken care of beyond the current elected Board?

    The Trust Deed stipulates that the on-going governance of HBF is subject to strict criteria. Four of the seven Trustees are appointed jointly by the region's Mayors, HB Law Society, NZ Institute of Chartered Accountants (HB) & HB Chamber of Commerce, and the remaining three by these appointees.
    All funds are invested by the Hawke's Bay branch of a reputable national investment company, which must adhere to an investment policy written by a well-respected advisor, who also oversees the investments.

    I see HBF as a simple and effective vehicle for my charitable giving, but I'd like to support a few national charities as well. Can I do this?

    Our primary reason for being is to support local charitable giving and we hope this will be the main focus for our donors, however it is possible to include national charities amongst your supported causes. This means that you can use your HBF fund to manage all of your giving, thereby minimising expense, administration and complication.

    Please talk to us about your personal charitable wishes and we will work with you to create a structure that achieves all of your goals in one simple fund.

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