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Chairman's Message - March 2017



We hope you’ve all had restful, happy times during the summer and that the year has got off to a good start.
At the Hawke’s Bay Foundation, we are excited about the year ahead with some great recent developments that have kept our enthusiasm on the up and up.
We are proud to launch our new tagline …. Live Here, Give Here. In four simple words, it explains exactly what we are about. We intend to use it widely so that HBF becomes a household name.
Currently we are looking for spots to display our posters and billboards, so please do get in touch if you would like some posters or can offer a visible space for billboards.
Recently I opened a very plain looking envelope only to discover a very generous cheque from a donor! Surprises like this are so heart warming and make all the hard work, much of it by volunteers, so worth it. Our Foundation is young but we have such a heart for the community and it’s always encouraging to see your faith in us.
I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated Board for their incredible support as well as our two very committed ‘right hand’ people – Bev Penny and Linda Calder who are out on the ground drumming up support in the community.
Thank you for helping us grow into an incredible backbone for future generations simply by living the ‘Live Here, Give Here’ values and philosophy.

Regards..Jules Nowell-Usticke, Chairman

Live Here Give Here


2016 was a busy year for us behind the scenes as weworked to develop our new tagline and refreshed graphics. We launched this atour Giving Event in November to a hugely positive response.
'Live Here, Give Here' communicates the importance of givingback to the community we all love and encourage more people to get involved.
This simple but powerful message was developed withmany hours of help and guidance from a group of talented Hawke's Bay professionals and their businesses. On behalf of the Board and our supporters,
a huge thanks to Lucy Dobbs of Lucy Dobbs Marketing, Tom Allan and the team at Band, Liz Read of Reputation Matters, of Stick, Robyn MacLean and Brebner Print.
Together we all worked hard to distill the essenceof the Foundation's purpose. Hawke's Bay is 'Our Community, Our Responsibility and Our Future' and we all needto work together to make
Hawke's Bay a better place for everyone.

Christmas came early for Hawke's Bay charities

The Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s fifth funding round concluded at the end of last year, where 33 grants were made to local community groups and charities with $112,500 distributed to support these organisations.
The funding distribution included $59,000 from the Tindall Foundation, which through the Hawke's Bay Foundation focuses on supporting families and social services.
Thanks to the generosity of Hawke’s Bay people we were able to help groups from across the entire region, from Wairoa to Central Hawke’s BayThe need is great in so many parts of our community.
Each year applications for funding are assessed by a Distributions Committee chaired by Sarah Mulcahy, one of our Trustees, who commented, “While we were delighted to be able to give out over $112,000                                                                                                                   in grants to local is hugely appreciated by the many people who work so hard in these mostly voluntary roles community organisations in this round, the applications we received were almost three times more                                                                                                                   than previous years. We must keep building the Foundation so that we can make larger distributions in the future, and really support these grassroots organisations who constantly work to make a difference in our region.”

The organisations who received grants from Hawke’s Bay Foundation this year were:


The Gift That Will Keep On Giving

In the Foundation’s mail a few weeks ago was an inconspicuous envelope amongst the various predictable pieces of mail and advertising. The envelope revealed an unexpected and incredibly generous donation of $62,000. We were so surprised and delighted and wanted to find out how this donation had made its way to Hawke’s Bay Foundation.

As it turns out, it’s a story of an individual’s generosity and enduring commitment to their local community, of two faithful friends, and a trusted lawyer.

Back in 1986, a client of Graham Cowley of Langley Twigg asked him to help set up a modest private charitable trust that would provide grants to local organisations. The client did not want to take a direct role in assigning grants and asked two close friends to act as Trustees and oversee the distribution of funds. Over the ensuing 30 years, more than 18 organisations have benefited from financial support from this charitable trust.

Following the founder’s recent death, the trustees decided it was timely to wind up the trust and make a final distribution of the remaining funds, instructing Graham to start this process.

Just as Graham was getting matters organised, two of our Trustees made a presentation to the partners and lawyers at Langley Twigg about Hawke’s Bay Foundation, how we operate and our vision of building a capital fund that will endure and grow while providing significant income to be distributed to Hawke’s Bay organisations and charities.

Graham forwarded information from HB Foundation to the two trustees, believing that our goals were well aligned to the original intent of his client, and that rather than directly distributing the remaining trust funds, an allocation to HBF would ensure his client’s generosity and vision would be preserved and go on giving. Happily, this struck a chord with the trustees, and the result is the wonderful cheque for $62,000.As Graham commented, “Instead of my client’s charitable trust disappearing after her death, it will continue to provide benefits to the Hawke’s Bay community. The retiring trustees of the trust are delighted, as am I, that her generous spirit will live on and continue to make a real and practical difference to many deserving local organisations for generations to come.”


Our Giving Event

This is the Foundation’s only annual event and one that we all look forward to as it bring together our donors, supporters and the local organisations that have received funds. The 2016 event was held in November at the Business Hub in Ahuriri with over 110 people joining us for an inspiring evening, hugely enhanced  by the Prima Volta boys and their incredible voices and cheeky humour. 
We also heard from Rachel McKay of Pleroma, Pam McCann from Family Works and  Cam Cotter from Victim Support, who were three of the organisations that had received funding in this round. It was a sobering to hear from those at the coal face about how many hours they spend looking for funding each year. They are all so grateful for the Foundation’s support which is the result of our donors’ generosity and belief in what we are doing. 
Donor Katherine Halliday, who spoke of the joy that it gave her to know that her annual donation was being used locally and was making a difference that she could see.


Tea @ 10 at the HWC

At the end of 2016 the Heretaunga Womens Centre was delighted to be asked to host one of the Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s Tea @ 10 - to have the opportunity to welcome women to our Centre, and in a small way, give back a little to the Foundation in recognition of the support they have given us. 
After a lovely morning tea, Jessica O’Sullivan, one of the  HBF Trustee, gave an interesting presentation on ‘Live Here Give Here’ - the new look HB Foundation way of giving and supporting your community. 
The statistics that Jessica shared with us made for sobering listening and I, like others around me, was left somewhat stunned.  As a representative of a recipient organisation, it was good to see how simple, relevant and logical Hawke’s Bay Foundation makes the giving process and how easy it is for everyone to be involved.
Following Jessica, Ros Rowe from The Leg Up Trust spoke with passion about the amazing work that her organisation does giving a second chance at life to troubled young people.  I doubt there were any in the room who were not touched by her story. 

Then it was my turn.  For me it is never hard to talk about the Womens Centre - its rich history, the work we do, and the amazing group of staff and volunteers that make good things happen for women who come through our doors. It was a privilege to speak about our work but also to be given the opportunity to openly thank the Foundation.  



Christmas came early for Hawke’s Bay charities 

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