Cranford making it easier for their volunteers

Volunteering is a vital and evolving part of Cranford Hospice.

With nearly 400 volunteers throughout Hawke’s Bay, it is essential we have good communication with, and understanding of our volunteers. Cranford Hospice is always looking for ways to let our current volunteers grow with us and attract new volunteers across the huge variety of people in our diverse community.

With the grant from the Hawke’s Bay Foundation, Cranford Hospice has been able to build a custom designed database and rostering system called Better Impact. Being cloud based, staff and volunteers are no longer restricted to their desks and email. Volunteers can apply for roles, communicate and roster themselves on and off their shifts when it suits them. All from their phones if they want to.

Cranford Hospice is very excited to offer this to our volunteers and are so grateful to the Hawke’s Bay Foundation for helping us make this happen. We are looking forward to expanding this service with new and exciting features in the future.

Amanda Aitken, Volunteer Manager, Cranford