Cyclone Relief Fund Makes Distributions  

Since announcing the launch of Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s Cyclone Relief Fund, donations have been streaming in from around the country, offering urgent assistance to local charities on the ground.

Sustaining the critical work of our charities on the frontline now and in the future, is key to Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s mission.  Building resilient communities together, for generations to come.

Distributions were made to charities in need within one week of the fund going live.

Founder of Re-Source Hawke’s Bay Nadine Gaunt is blown away by the generosity.

“Thank you so much Hawke’s Bay Foundation for getting in contact and your generous and most welcome support. The timing is remarkable. I just had a meeting with the racecourse manager about the prospect of staying here for another 2-3 weeks. It is only fair and right that we make a substantial donation to the racecourse who have out laid many thousands of dollars of their own money to accommodate all these relief services. This email has us sagging with relief. With sincere gratitude for coming to the rescue.”

Nourished for Nil has been tirelessly churning out and delivering food packs to those still desperately in need.  Founder Christina McBeth is ever grateful for the financial lifeline.

“Thank you so much Hawke’s Bay Foundation for the swift actioning of your Cyclone Relief Fund and the distribution of the initial funds. Our team is working very hard at the moment to get the much needed food parcels out to the community and we are having to buy in food, as there is not nearly enough rescued food and donated food available at this stage. I understand the team already purchased 8 pallets from Pak’n Save over the past week to top up supplies. Please extend our gratitude and best wishes to your team from our team. Its heartwarming to see how the community is coming together in this difficult time to help those who need it most.”

Over 30% of the funds value has already been distributed to Hawke’s Bay charities via the Hawke’s Bay Foundation Cyclone Relief Fund, with more financial support on the way early next week to help overwhelmed charitable organisations assisting those worst affected.

So far twelve Hawke’s Bay charities have been bolstered with cash injections, with more charities to follow covering the whole Hawke’s Bay region from Wairoa and Central Hawke’s Bay.

You can view the updated list of charities supported on our Cyclone Relief Fund page

Hawke’s Bay Foundation expresses a HUGE thank you to all our donors; be it individuals, businesses or community groups who have given so generously from around New Zealand.

Please, keep it coming!  Our charities need your help now more than ever.

Businesses or individuals can support this critical Fund for Hawke’s Bay by accessing the Donate page on our website