Cyclone Relief Fund Performs Critical Function for Charities

Hawke’s Bay Foundation has tagged and distributed over 42 percent of its growing Cyclone Relief Fund to date, bolstering local charities with vital funding.

As at 5th April, 2023, Hawke’s Bay Foundation has granted its fifth round of distributions to frontline charities taking to a total of $756,000 the funding it’s now distributed or had pledged from donors.

The Foundation’s Cyclone Relief Fund currently totals $1.8M.

Meeting under urgency each week, the Foundation’s specialist Distribution Committee moves to distribute funding to frontline charities spanning from Wairoa to Central Hawke’s Bay, to assist those worst affected by the disaster.

Funding ranges from: reimbursement for food and fuel provisions and generators, sheltering whanau and the purchase of household items.

Hawke’s Bay Foundation Distributions Chair Sarah Mulcahy says a further $130,000 has been ring-fenced for mental health support to be distributed in collaboration with the Rural Support Trust, over the coming weeks.

“We are linking with the Rural Support Trust and other organisations who are stepping up in their efforts to provide psychosocial support. This could be formal counselling or peer group support. We have made an initial pledge of $100,000 and two donors have come forward with a further $30,000. All to be utilised in the coming months.”

“We are making initial grants as quickly as possible ensuring due diligence to make sure the funding goes where it is intended. We have reached out to many charitable organisations, some we have funded before and others that are new to us to tell us where the need for funding is. This takes time and care and the Foundation’s Distribution Committee take their responsibility very seriously. This is a marathon not a sprint and long-term regional recovery is a key focus of this Fund.”

Ms Mulcahy says it’s been amazing to see the number of both large and small donations.

“The people and businesses of Hawke’s Bay have really got behind the cyclone relief effort, giving of their time, talents and money, supporting those in need and stepping up to help. The generosity shown in this difficult time shows just how much we treasure the relationship we have for our people, our land and our communities.”