Generous Donors Gift Historic Property Sale Proceeds to Hawke’s Bay Foundation

  • From left to right: Tremains agent Jarrod Lowe with Hawke’s Bay Foundation Trustee Jules Nowell-Usticke and Tremains agent Susie Sturt

It’s hoped the sale proceeds from an iconic Hawkes Bay property launching on the market today are set to underpin the biggest gift ever made to Hawkes Bay Foundation by a single donor.

In an unprecedented act of generosity, Dick and Val Bradshaw will donate the proceeds of their River Lodge property to Hawke’s Bay Foundation. In an historic move, Tremains Real Estate Ltd has come alongside, waiving all fees and agent’s commissions during the sale process for the benefit of Hawke’s Bay Foundation.

Simon Tremain, Managing Director at Tremains believes it’s a timely good news story for the region.

“Tremains has a long standing connection to Hawke’s Bay and to supporting the Hawke’s Bay community and we feel privileged to align with this historic sale process. For our agents Susie Sturt and Jarrod Lowe to walk away from the sale waiving their commission on this property for the greater good, is very admirable indeed.”

1308F Tuki Tuki Road will be sold via closed tender, with invited tenders due by the 27th of April.  Built in 2003 as the first of renowned designer Andy Coltart’s River Lodges, the property is already attracting significant buyer interest.

“Ultimately we will be driving the best price we can and when the buyer understands that the bid they’re putting in is effectively going to an organisation as worthy and robust as Hawke’s Bay Foundation, they’ll have to feel pretty good about that.”

Canadian-based vendors Dick and Val Bradshaw have visited Hawke’s Bay for several months each year and were drawn to the region for its beauty, fishing and easy access to the outdoors. Over the past 20 years they have made enduring Kiwi friendships and quietly contributed to the Hawke’s Bay community in many ways. However they have now decided the commute is too great. 

Close friend and Hawke’s Bay Foundation Trustee Jules Nowell-Usticke says the couple know the importance of legacy gifting to community. 

“Being closely connected with the Vancouver Foundation with Dick as former Deputy Chair, they understand the incredible impact that Community Foundations can have on their communities (Vancouver Foundation now distributes $115 million annually to Canadian charities). 

“By generously leaving this gift to Hawke’s Bay Foundation, they know it will hugely benefit many of our own charities for years to come. Since becoming cornerstone donors at the launch of Hawke’s Bay Foundation in 2012, they have continued to be very supportive and feel confident that their gift will be well protected, grown and carefully distributed.” 

Widely regarded in Canada as philanthropic leaders in conservation and medical research, Dick and Val Bradshaw have left it up to the discretion of Hawke’s Bay Foundation to assess where their money will be best distributed. 

Hawke’s Bay Foundation Executive Officer Amy Bowkett is proud to act as caretaker of this gift. 

“Their donation will be preserved in perpetuity with our Distributions Committee directing the earnings generated each year to the areas of greatest need in Hawke’s Bay. We’re definitely going to miss having Dick and Val visit but it’s so heart-warming knowing that their memory will live on through their generosity towards this community which they loved dearly. Theirs is truly ‘a gift that goes on giving’ and their legacy will make a profound a difference to many lives in Hawke’s Bay for many generations to come.”

View the Bradshaw’s listed River Lodge property