Hawke’s Bay Foundation receives donated electric car

Hawke's Bay Foundation receives donated electric car
  • Hawke’s Bay Foundation executive officer Amy Bowkett and chairman Giles Pearson

Hawke’s Bay Foundation will hit the streets with its first donated sponsored electric vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Outlander – a plug-in hybrid vehicle – was donated to the foundation by Bay European and signwritten by Sign Central.

Chairman Giles Pearson says as the foundation funds local environmental projects and charities every year, it is a steer in the right direction for them.

“A smart mobile billboard will increase our visibility and add to the understanding that the Hawke’s Bay Foundation is a proven and growing vehicle for donors to pull together to help Hawke’s Bay charities deliver for our community.”

Bay European director Tim Murphy says the foundation’s goals align with their own and supporting local is key for them.

“As the mantra goes, ‘Live Here, Give Here’.

“We are passionate about Hawke’s Bay and our commitment to the Hawke’s Bay Foundation extends beyond the supply and running costs of an electric vehicle, our shareholders have also donated to the foundation, ensuring a long-term, lasting legacy.”

Hawke’s Bay Foundation executive officer Amy Bowkett will be driving the car.

In her role out and about visiting supporters, making presentations to local professional firms and community groups and visiting the charities the foundation funds, she says she can easily go through a tank of petrol a week.

“To be able to perform my role and know that I am now lessening the environmental impact on our region is a great feeling.

“Hybrid and electric vehicles are clearly the way forward and I hope more organisations around Hawke’s Bay will follow suit.

“I’d love people to see our bright and colourful vehicle, take a look at our website and discover the impactful work Hawke’s Bay Foundation is achieving in their community.”

The Hawke’s Bay Foundation has been operating since 2012, using only income generated off its centralised fund to distribute to local charities.

Last year over $250,000 was given out to help sustain the services of 59 local charities.

It is one of 17 foundations running in New Zealand under the respected Community Foundations of New Zealand umbrella.

“Like the car, the Hawke’s Bay Foundation is created as a model designed for enduring impact.

“We are slowly gaining total trust in the community as an organisation that will deliver that. We know it will take time, but we’re really happy with progress. This is a marathon not a sprint,” says Giles.

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