A new fund for CHB

We are delighted to have Andrea Barry and her family join our growing group of donors who have recently started a fund with the Foundation.

We asked Andrea what motivated her to set up a fund with HBF. “For some time I’d been looking at ways the Barry family and BEL Group could get involved and give something back to support our community. Having been invited to view a presentation locally by the Hawke’s Bay Foundation, I came away convinced this would make the perfect partnership opportunity.

The HBF runs a well thought out and proven business model where the grantee organisations are chosen by a panel of trusted advisers with the community knowledge to know who, what and where the greatest needs are. We know that our donation makes a difference. Dodgy, fake charities are weeded out.

And I like the model of giving where the gift benefits many and the legacy can keep growing through the generations. We can choose to keep adding annually to our donation or take a break … regardless the donation keeps giving.
Also, I was able to target specific areas that had meaning to us, whether it was within education, youth, sport etc., and I could also target the specific geographical location that gained the benefit from our gift, for example, Central Hawke’s Bay.

The second generation of the Barry family was all born in the Waikato; however they have all grown up and been educated within Hawke’s Bay, so this is our home community. The HBF credo to ‘Live Here, Give Here’ is a statement that really resonates with us and means we are making a legacy here that will last forever.

To find out more about setting up a fund  Click Here