Independent Report Highlights $630 Million Funding Gap

An independent report released in September has found the government is underfunding social service providers by $630 million a year nationwide.

Commissioned by Social Services Providers Australia, the report ‘The Funding Gap and How To Bridge It’ shows that the government funds less than two-thirds of the actual cost of the work charities and social services are contracted to provide. Many services are unable to cover basic running costs, to pay enough to attract and retain qualified staff, and are struggling to meet demand.

The report has highlighted the need for communities to take a proactive approach to achieve an effective and sustainable funding model for their regions. Hawke’s Bay is no exception, with an increasing number of charities reliant on philanthropic funders to contribute to their core operating costs.

Together with the other community foundations throughout New Zealand we are committed to building a long-term, reliable funding stream to support our charitable sector. Our smarter giving model is designed to make your generosity go further, and have an ongoing impact in the community you love.