Inspiring stories at our annual round table reporting

Trialled in 2017, these sessions give our grant recipients the opportunity to come together and share some of the inspiring stories that our grant making has enabled this year.

This year, we hosted 45 representatives over four sessions, and once again, we were both gratified and humbled by the incredible work that each organisation is doing to improve the lives of others. However, we are also concerned about the increasing level of need in our local community and the challenges faced by not-for-profits to provide the level of help that’s needed.

The round table sessions provide a valuable networking opportunity for our grant recipients, many of whom work in isolation. Every year, we are delighted to see organisations with similar goals come together and share ideas about how they can work together to improve the outcomes for their communities.

“I found this way of reporting back very useful. To meet with people representing organisations that do so much good in the community is uplifting but also to share information on how we can mutually benefit each other is fantastic. To meet with people who come up against the same problems and stresses as ‘not for profit’ charities deal with daily is enlightening and is a boost to morale.”
Sandy Dooney, Leg-Up Trust