Living here & giving here

As avid Hawke’s Bay regionalists, Peter and Jeanette Kelly are committed to giving back to the place that has been so good to them. Three years ago, they decided the time was right to start making an annual donation to Hawke’s Bay Foundation.

“Directing our charitable giving via HBF made sense both financially and personally. We knew some of the people who had set the foundation up and we knew they were trustworthy, committed and with a hugely positive outlook for Hawke’s Bay.

We also liked the long-term view of the Foundation. When you give money to HBF, it stays there forever. The original donation is never spent, so it keeps on giving. Over time, it becomes hugely significant.”

Through their involvement, the Kellys have met a number of grassroots organisations that have received support from Hawke’s Bay Foundation.“It’s so affirming when you get to go and see the charities in action and meet the people and hear their stories first hand.”

Around six months ago, the Kellys made the decision to update their wills and include a gift to the Foundation, directing their money towards causes that ‘spun their wheels.’ They also reserved a portion for the Foundation’s Trustees to decide where best to direct the funds.

“There are some things that are dear to our hearts but we’re also very aware that the Trustees know where the greatest need is in the community. After working hard to establish five successful small businesses in the Bay, it now feels right to leave a percentage of our estate to do good for the community and give other people opportunities they might otherwise not have had.”