Lusk Legacy Lives On In New Community Fund for Hawke’s Bay’s Elderly

Long serving A.F.B Lusk Club Home Trust supporters including Treasurer Laura Bakker and Chair Murray Ward
  • Long serving A.F.B Lusk Club Home Trust supporters including Treasurer Laura Bakker (second from the left) and Chair Murray Ward (pictured right)
Aged care services around the region are set to benefit forever from the single largest donation gifted to Hawke’s Bay Foundation since its inception, thanks to the vision and mission of one community-minded local.

The late Sally Lusk’s legacy will live on with proceeds from the recent sale of a Havelock North property she bought to enrich the lives of the village’s elderly, now being donated for perpetuity to Hawke’s Bay Foundation.

The transfer of Sally’s estate, (worth over $1M) has launched the newly named Sally Lusk Fund, which, through the stewardship and expertise of Hawke’s Bay Foundation, will help advance the delivery of aged care services in the region.

Hawke’s Bay Foundation executive officer Amy Bowkett is delighted the new Fund will continue Sally Lusk’s original vision.

“Sally’s mission was to encourage the senior population of Hawke’s Bay to remain social and active. Donating a residence for these activities to take place at was a wonderful example of selfless generosity. We are so pleased to continue Sally’s legacy by working with the many worthy groups right here as she would have wanted.”

The Lusk Centre stood pride of place as a local landmark in Te Aute Road, Havelock North for 29 years; the residence donated in 1992 by Sally Lusk from her financial resources. Sally’s original vision was to create a place for elderly people who lived alone, to gather and find companionship, share a cup of tea, enjoy entertainment and somewhere to go. In the days before aged residential care facilities, The Lusk Centre offered a ‘home away from home’ for social interaction, hobby craft and a hot meal.

Three years ago The Lusk Centre was renamed ‘Sally’s Place’ when Enliven was appointed to manage the Centre’s growing operations and membership. However, in July last year the running of Sally’s Place was deemed no longer viable, and the decision was made to close.

While its bricks and mortar may be gone, A.F.B. Lusk Club Treasurer Laura Bakker believes the new Sally Lusk Fund will have an enduring legacy on the region.

“We chose Hawke’s Bay Foundation because we wanted to ensure the Fund wouldn’t be misused or whittled away, but rather protected and grown for perpetuity for the benefit of the whole of Hawke’s Bay.

“This way, the money will continue to produce an income forever for the benefit of the aged care sector, just as Sally would have wanted. There’s longevity in that.”

Sally’s daughter Marilyn Lusk remembers her mother’s vision, mission and now legacy.

“Our mother was an amazing person with high energy levels and steely determination, once she’d set her heart on something. It was her involvement in the local Age Concern group that lead to her purchasing the Te Aute Road property and establishing the Trust.  Mum’s dream was for a social hub that would bring elderly people together and create a lively, welcoming place for them to enjoy.  She certainly achieved that!

“Speaking for my four other siblings – we are proud and happy that the money from the sale of the Club Home is to create a permanent fund.“

Sally's storyboard that hung pride of place in Sally's Place

  • Sally’s storyboard that hung pride of place in Sally’s Place

As a not-for-profit community foundation, Hawke’s Bay Foundation receives gifts, bequests and donations from individuals whose vision it is to pool resources and build a growing asset for the region.

Foundation executive officer Amy Bowkett adds Named Funds are increasing in popularity as people contemplate what sort of legacy they’d like to leave on the world.

“Families are increasingly looking around for causes close to their hearts that they can support. Unlike other charitable giving, a one-off donation made through Hawke’s Bay Foundation grows and keeps on giving, forever. It’s the smarter way to give.

“Every group that receives funding from the Sally Lusk Fund will receive a pamphlet about Sally and her original gift. This way she and her family’s generosity will be recognized forever.”

If you, or someone you know, would like to make a donation to the Sally Lusk Fund you can do so here.