Napier Family Centre Tea @ 10

Spreading the word

Just before Christmas one of our amazing supporters Ana Campbell, opened her home and welcomed twenty five mothers, daughters and ‘special’ woman in for a delightful Christmas Tea @ 10 – our last one of the year.
Debbie and Barbara from the Napier Family Centre joined the small group and shared their story. Barb was reluctant to speak but was quickly put at ease,

“It was an interesting morning with a captive audience. I loved the opportunity to represent our service and clients in such a wonderful environment and to get our message into more of the community and to let the group know what we do on a daily basis and to share some of the stories we deal with.”

They play a huge role in our community and provide services and programmes to over 2500 families in Napier and CHB helping them gain skills and strategies to navigate many areas of life we take for granted.

This year the grant will help them support their exisitng programmes in Napier and expand their social work, youth programmes & counselling into CHB which allows them to strengthen their work with families. Napier Family Centre really try to collaborate with other similar services so that they don’t duplicate what is already happening in the community.

We hold a number of Tea @ 10 events throughout the year. These are small, informal events where we invite supporters to come and hear from one of the local organisations. They are not only a lot of fun but can also result in donations – a win/win as we have happy donors who know where their dollar is going and very happy charities that have to work so hard for funding.

If you are interested in hosting a Tea@10 please get in touch.