New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year from the HBF team – we hope all of our supporters and recipients had a fantastic festive season and managed to enjoy some of this sensational Hawke’s Bay weather!

With a new year comes new beginnings, and for many of us this means making New Year’s resolutions.
New Year’s resolutions are a great way to start the year off on the right foot – be it getting fitter, eating better, spending more time with loved ones, or giving back to our community.

As with any New Year’s resolution, it’s important to be realistic and make a commitment you’ll be able to stick to. If you’ve never exercised, planning to run a marathon in the next few weeks might be a bit ambitious!

Likewise with charitable giving, you may wish to start small by donating a modest amount on a regular basis, with a plan to increase it when the time is right. The beauty of Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s giving model is that all donations are pooled together and invested forever. This means even the smallest of donations can have a massive impact when pooled and invested for the long-term.

We don’t need to choose between improving our own lives and improving the lives of others, because we can do both. So this year, as well as resolving to get fitter, eat better, and spend more quality time with loved ones, I’m resolving to use my good fortune to help build a vibrant and caring community for the region I love.

Ngā mihi, Linda