Te Mata Park Piques Giving Interests of Local Couple

Hawkes bay foundation Te Mata Park Piques Giving Interests of Local Couple
  • Tim and Jules Nowell-Usticke – one of Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s founding funders

Te Mata Park Trust is humbled by the unexpected generosity of a Havelock North couple who have pledged to support the park every year in perpetuity, through their charitable giving.

Tim and Jules Nowell-Usticke were one of Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s founding
funders, and know only too well the importance of preserving the region’s assets for future generations. Through their named family fund with the Foundation, they have been supporting Hawke’s Bay charities and causes since 2012.

After reflecting on areas of special interest to them, Tim and Jules decided recently to restructure their giving – tagging a percentage of their fund directly to Te Mata Park Trust. The dividends of which are set to increase over time as the value of the fund invested with Hawke’s Bay Foundation grows.

As Te Mata Park Trust’s Grants and Fundraising Manager, Catherine Mueller says donations of this nature give the park future financial security.

“When we heard the news of the Nowell-Usticke family’s pledge, the trust was absolutely delighted! A long-term commitment like this illustrates how important the park is to so many people and every single contribution is confirmation of how valued the park is by our community.

“After a moment to reflect, it really hit home what this particular donation meant to us. Pledges like these relieve an incredible amount of pressure. Any ongoing, secure funding means we can plan ahead, allocating the money to where it is most needed and resources can be more efficiently deployed. To put it simply, it helps us to achieve more.”

Te Mata Park Trust is heavily reliant on donations and funding to help bridge the operational budget gap, reporting an annual shortfall each year.

The Park Trust holds an endowment fund with Hawke’s Bay Foundation and support like this from the Nowell-Usticke family, will help to enhance and protect this precious whenua for generations to come.

If you too would like to make a gift to Te Mata Park Trust, head online to: www.hawkesbayfoundation.org.nz/why-would-i-give/our-funds/

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