Our 2019 funding round is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who applied. Our next funding round will be in May 2020.

Community organisations play a crucial role in keeping our communities connected and thriving.

Through our Annual Giving programme, we have developed a unique knowledge base of the local charities that touch every individual living here in Hawke’s Bay in some way.

Each year we receive a broad range of applications from many great organisations, all working hard to support the diverse needs of communities in Hawke’s Bay from Central Hawke’s Bay to Wairoa and all the areas in-between. We are very proud to the a regional funding manager for The Tindall Foundation.

Who can apply?

Community organisations can apply for any charitable purpose within the Hawke’s Bay region, as defined by the area within the jurisdiction of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council – this includes Hastings District, Napier City, Wairoa District and Central Hawke’s Bay.

Individuals cannot apply.

If you are unsure if you can apply please email [email protected]


Our philosophy is to provide assistance to heal problems rather than manage them – that is, to give ‘a hand up not a hand out’.  The Trustees have a preference for initiatives that assist groups and communities that are working towards meeting their own needs and have sustainability when the Foundation funding ceases.


  • A limit of $10,000 per donation unless approved by the Trustees.
  • Applications will be considered for project costs and/or for general operating costs such as salaries/wages, rent etc.
  • Organisations that are acting in a ‘pass through’ function, i.e. where funding is not being used by them but is being passed on to a third party, will not be funded.
  • Approved donations will be paid by direct credit to a verified bank account or handed to the recipient by cheque.
  • Donations must be used within twelve months of receipt unless prior arrangements are made with the HB Foundation.  If necessary, an extension request may be submitted in writing, detailing the funds usage to date and expected project completion date.  Approval of any extension is not automatic and is at the discretion of the HB Foundation.
  • All organisations receiving funds are required to report back after 12 months on the use to which those funds have been put.  Further applications for funding will not be accepted from any organisation that has not provided a satisfactory accountability report for a previous donation.  Please note that this means that although an organisation has 12 months to spend the funds and supply a satisfactory accountability report, only those organisations who are able to do so prior to the closing date of the following year’s funding round (i.e. 10 June) will be able to apply in that year.
  • Donations do not include GST.


The Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s policy allows for consideration of funding for charitable groups that make a difference in the community with focus areas currently being community connectedness, social development, health, children and youth issues, older adults, arts and culture and the natural environment.

Tindall Foundation

Hawke’s Bay Foundation also act as a Local Donation Manager for The Tindall Foundation, a philanthropic family foundation working throughout Aotearoa to support families, community and the environment. We are what’s called a Regional Donation Manager meaning that we distribute donations on behalf of TTF in Hawke’s Bay (from Wairoa to Southern Central Hawke’s Bay)  to projects and initiatives that support TTF’s Family/Whānau Focus Area.


Watch the short film on The Tindall Foundation’s home page that explains the way Local Donation Managers fund on its behalf.



The Tindall Foundation funding is focusing on enhancing the mana and strength of families, communities and the environment to build a stronger Aotearoa New Zealand, now nad for future generations-  which includes: Early Years, Youth Development, Literacy & Numeracy, Budgeting, Maori, Migrant, Refugee & Cross-cultural, Housing, Community Services & Development.

Tindall Foundation funds cannot be granted for the following:

  • Core or public health services,  core education related programmes. Research from outside a community without its direct involvement. Sport, leisure and recreation. The arts, Overseas organisations, projects outside the geographic borders of Aotearoa New Zealand, overseas travel and expenses, and exchange programmes. Buildings or land. Animal charities. Capital assets or equipment costing over $3,000, individuals including scholarships, international travel to conferences, events or for research.Personal loans. Endowment funds. Religious or political advocacy, Venture capital initiatives.

Applications are welcomed from organisations meeting the above criteria.

When to apply

There is one funding round per year and an application form will be available on the website from 6 May to 10 June.  Applications will close 10 June and only applications received in their entirety by that date will be considered.  Applicants will be notified of the outcome by mid September.

If you are unsure whether you can apply to Hawke’s Bay Foundation for funding, please email [email protected] or contact the office on  06 870 4648 (please leave a message if office is unattended).