Because it’s where you live.

What better reason is there?  Generosity begins at home, and for so many of us Hawke’s Bay is just that, home. Live Here Give Here. That’s what it’s all about.

Because your giving stays local.

Unless you specify otherwise, your giving will stay right here in Hawke’s Bay and be felt locally by generations to come. Our administration costs will never exceed more than 1% of our fund value, so you can be assured that your gift is directly benefiting those that need it the most.

Because it’s forever, and it counts.

Your gift will be safeguarded for the long term and only the income it creates will be given out to the community. This means that in 10, 50 or 100 years time, your gift will still be generating income to support the community of Hawke’s Bay.

Because it’s a ‘one stop giving shop’.

Through one gift, you can support multiple causes all of which directly benefit Hawke’s Bay. You can direct your giving to areas you care about, or you can leave it in the hands of the Foundation’s trustees to put the funds to work where they believe it will do the most good.

Because it has real impact.

Have you ever given money wondering what it will actually be used for and whether it will make any real difference? The power of Hawke’s Bay Foundation is that it pools our charitable giving together to create real scale and then places those funds where they will have the greatest possible impact.

Because it’s a safe pair of hands.

With reputable, skilled and experienced trustees, a trust deed that provides for appointment of trustees by key community leaders and robust granting and investment policies, your gift is in safe hands.

Infographics Establishing A Named Fund 2017

“I think it’s really important to give back – it’s not just up to our parents’ generation to do it. I can’t give a lot to the Foundation at the moment, but I know that each donation I make counts. And I really like the fact they know where the needs are in the Bay.”

Jock Nowell-Usticke

Donor since 2013

“I’m glad that I can give, but I want to give effectively. For me, Hawke’s Bay Foundation is the key to making sure my contributions are distributed in our community where they’ll have the greatest impact. The Foundation has the knowledge and expertise to understand and assess community needs.”

Lyn Williams

Cornerstone Donor

“When advising clients on planning their philanthropic giving, Hawke’s Bay Foundation is certainly an option I suggest. My clients value the fact that their gift will be preserved forever – it will go on growing and giving to the Hawke’s Bay community for many generations.”

Graham Throp

Partner, Bramwell Bate

Donors Jeanette and Peter Kelly share why they chose Hawke’s Bay Foundation for their charitable giving.