Hawkes Bay Foundation Supporters Logos

Our Corporate Supporters

These organisations provide substantial support each year, many giving their services at no cost. This enables the Hawke’s Bay Foundation to keep our operating costs to a minimum and use our donor funds to support those in our community who need it the most.


Clare is a progressive philanthropic foundation that wants more for our people and planet. Through a proactive approach, Clare invests in ways that positively impact our environment, oral health, youth wellbeing and women, to create extraordinary change.

NZ Digital

NZ Digital has rebuilt our website from scratch and along with Band have brought us into the 21st century. Their digital expertise is phenomenal, they made the whole process super-easy and we love our new site!


Band are our creative geniuses. They have been with us for a number of years and have been instrumental in their role of refreshing our brand. Their expertise and creativity in all our design aspects has been second to none.

Lucy Dobbs Strategy & Marketing

Lucy has supported us since 2015 and her expertise and professionalism are outstanding. Lucy Dobbs Strategy & Marketing continues to help us work strategically on our brand and messaging to raise awareness and gain exposure. She also keeps us on task!

Brebner Print

We all know what a huge cost printing is but it is also essential for any business. Brebner Print has given us amazing support with all of our print requirements, including brochures, newsletters and posters.


Findex has been supporting us for many years and complete our annual audit. A job that we couldn’t do on our own.


Jarden look after our funds and ensure that good sound investments are made. They know our objectives and work closely with the Investment Advisory Committee.


Our Community Partners

We all know it you can’t run a business on nothing. To ensure we keep our operating costs to an absolute minimum (< 1% of total fund value), we have a number of individuals and businesses that have joined us as Community Partners. Their generosity helps us to cover our operating costs, along with contributions from our generous donors. We sincerely thank them for their ongoing support.

Bay European

Bay European is generously supporting us with the supply (and running costs) of our very own branded Electric Vehicle, essentially a moving billboard that increases our visibility, helping us reach more donors and supporters across Hawke’s Bay, all while ensuring we minimise our carbon footprint.

Bay European is Napier based and they have established themselves as an independent dealership, offering a genuine alternative to buyers of late model and near new European motor vehicles. With an always changing inventory, if it’s not in stock, they source vehicles from overseas, so you can be assured of them meeting your exact requirements.


BioRich Limited is an organic waste recycling company. It’s main activity is capturing organic material that would otherwise be wasted or cause pollution and turning it into rich compost. Where it is practical to do so, it also seeks to extract stock food and energy from organic material that would otherwise be wasted.


Global technology company, Fingermark, which calls Havelock North home, sponsors our administration costs, enabling us to focus more on the task at hand rather than having to fundraise for operational costs.

Frimley Foundation

Our newest Community Partner, The Frimley Foundation has been supporting the Hawke’s Bay Foundation since 2015. Their generous support helps us to cover essential costs such as administration and operating costs.

Tindall Foundation

Hawke’s Bay Foundation is the funding manager for The Tindall Foundation for the Hawke’s Bay region. They annually contribute over $60,000 to various causes through the Foundation.  An annual allocation of funds is provided by The Tindall Foundation for distribution to ‘Families and Social Services’ in line with set criteria.

Community Foundations of New Zealand (CFNZ)

We’re part of a network of Community Foundations that have been growing around Aotearoa New Zealand since 2003. Through the coordination of the Community Foundations of New Zealand (our national body), we’re all working to provide resources that will make a lasting difference in our local communities. Our aim is for every New Zealander to be able to affect lasting change wherever their home or heart may be.