Hawkes Bay Foundation how it works

Would you consider leaving a gift in your Will that you know will continue to make a difference forever?

Every year income generated by generous gifts made to the Foundation is distributed  to local community organisations that are hard at work building a strong, more prosperous Hawke’s Bay through our annual funding round. By pooling our charitable giving as a community, we can have a much bigger impact on the lives of Hawke’s Bay people and on the vitality of our region than if we operate alone.

Hawke’s Bay Foundation connects people who want to give back to the region they love through organisations and projects that are making a profound and meaningful difference.

Through the generous support of our supporters, every year Hawke’s Bay Foundation funds a wide range of innovative community projects – large and small – in areas such as community connectedness, social development, health, children and youth issues, older adults, arts and culture and the natural environment.

Over the last 10 years Hawke’s Bay Foundation has received $10M+ in donations and distributed $3M+ to Hawke’s Bay charities.

Our smarter giving model invests and protects your gift, so it grows to become an ongoing source of funding. See the image below to see how your gift grows over time.

Hawkes Bay Foundation Fund Growth story graph

Leave a lasting legacy…

This is how your named endowment fund could work long-term. Your original gift is always growing, essentially making your gift last forever.

An example of how a Named Fund with Hawke's Bay Foundation grows in perpetuity

Our Credentials

  • We have been working in Hawke’s Bay for over 10 years and have built up a deep and comprehensive knowledge of our local community.
  • We have already gifted more than $3M throughout Hawke’s Bay over the past 10 years.
  • We are trusted by and have a good reputation with organisations, individuals, the professional community, and philanthropists as experienced grantmakers.
  • Our experienced Board are committed to ensuring a strong and professional foundation for our community.