Hawke’s Bay Foundation New Caretakers of Museum Fund

  • Jeanette Kelly from MTG and Amy Bowkett from Hawke’s Bay Foundation

The public fund behind Hawke’s Bay’s beloved museum archival collection is being handed over for safe keeping to Hawke’s Bay Foundation.

Established to support the development of the collections held at MTG Hawke’s Bay, the now $100 thousand donor driven MTG Fund has been transferred to the region’s Community Foundation for prudent long-term management.

As the new guardians of the fund, Hawke’s Bay Foundation Executive Officer Amy Bowkett invites local residents to make a donation to help preserve and protect the region’s precious taonga.

“The MTG collection is not only hugely significant for the region, its historical importance makes it a national treasure. As stewards of this growing fund, we encourage anyone with a passion for protecting Hawke’s Bay’s rich history, to donate to the MTG Fund through our website.

“Without the foresight of the early MTG Foundation donors, we wouldn’t have such an extensive collection so it is with immense gratitude that we are entrusted with the management of this fund.”

By supporting the MTG Fund, individual donors, families, businesses and other organisations can continue to tell the Hawke’s Bay story – with taonga and treasures from past, present and future that reflect our region.

Founding patrons of the MTG Fund, Murray and Sue McNae feel fulfilled knowing they are helping preserve the history and taonga of Hawke’s Bay for future generations.

“As we both feel it is important to support the arts, we happily came on board as patrons back in 2014 when MTG was rebuilt, and the Foundation was fundraising to purchase new pieces for the collection. Over the years we have really enjoyed this local involvement with the arts and being part of the effort to keep the Hawke’s Bay collection growing and evolving for the future.”

The MTG, one of New Zealand’s finest museum collections is an avenue for gifts, donations and bequests intended to develop the collection for the benefit of the people of Hawke’s Bay.
Chair of the MTG Foundation, Jeanette Kelly is comforted to know that the fund’s growth has been safeguarded well into the future.

“Working with Hawke’s Bay Foundation gives us complete confidence that their community focus and stringent financial management will protect and grow our funds to generate a reliable revenue stream for many years to come.

“Our goal is to raise awareness of the MTG Foundation and its aim to fund further acquisitions to develop the HB Museums Trust collection. By partnering with Hawke’s Bay Foundation we can gain strength locally: benefiting from their trusted reputation and extensive networks.”

The collection’s treasures (some over 500 years old), comprise of around 90,000 items, valued at more than $30m. This significant collection represents one of the largest collections of cultural and archival material in Aotearoa New Zealand.

When not on display in the MTG National Museum, regional taonga and artefacts will soon be protected and preserved in the Museum’s Research and Archives Centre currently under construction in Queen Street, Hastings. For Jeanette Kelly, its completion can’t come quick enough.

“The new building will meet the highest recognised standard of protection from heat, cold, light and humidity as well as earthquakes, tsunamis and cyclones. Our precious objects will finally be stored in absolute safety. Permanently.”