In the past five years, Hawke’s Bay Foundation has provided more than 150 grants to grassroots organisations working in our community.

Here’s a small selection of recipients who have benefitted from Hawke’s Bay Foundation grants.

The Child Cancer Foundation

The Child Cancer Foundation’s staff provide ‘around the clock’ care to families who are going through the trauma of a child with cancer. To be able to support a family while they are watching their child fight the hardest battle of their lives takes an amazingly resilient, loving and patient person.

“We felt the time and effort our Family Support Coordinator gave us was valuable and priceless.”

“It was a really dark, tough time, but our Family Support Coordinator’s support was enough to help me through.  I will always be eternally grateful for that support and the kindness that I received from the Child Cancer Foundation.”

Wharariki Trust

Wharariki Trust helps people in Flaxmere to succeed. One of their initiatives is to teach the children of Flaxmere to grow, harvest and prepare nutritious, seasonal produce integrating ancient wisdom from cultural practices. They are doing this at a local school – Kimi Ora.

“On behalf of Wharariki Trust and all recipients  – thank you all for your hard work and financial support.
Your contributions help us to make HB a better place to live! Your evening was just fantastic -I loved the children and seeing those proud parents. One day when we get our garden underway -could I extend an invitation to you to come to see what progress we have made, thank you again.”


Barnados provides child and family services focussing on improving outcomes for vulnerable children and young people, building stronger communities and creating potential for brighter futures.

“On behalf of Barnardos I would like to sincerely say a huge thank you for the donation we received from the Foundation.  This money is greatly appreciated and will be used wisely.”
Debbie Bailey Children’s Contact Coordinator

Hastings Citizens Advice

Hastings Citizens Advice provides free, confidential and impartial advice to anyone and everyone regardless of income, gender, ethnicity, age. No issue is too big or too small. With 27 trained volunteers who willingly give up their time, we answer employment issues, domestic, custody, justice, immigration, consumer issues and everything in between.

“Looking for funding to keep our facility operating is both time consuming and uncertain. So can you imagine how thrilled we were to receive a New Year’s call advising us that through the Hawke’s Bay Foundation one of their very generous donors had singled us out to benefit from some much needed and unexpected extra funding.”
Hastings Citizens Advice Bureau