Placing your Trust in a safe pair of hands

Hawke’s Bay Foundation can provide a range of options for managing Charitable Trusts to ensure their ongoing viability. You may be looking to wind up your Trust, provide an exit strategy for retiring Trustees, or your Trust has become too much to actively manage.

Hawke’s Bay Foundation can take care of the ‘red tape’, including investment management and reporting accountability – all at no cost to the Trust. As the guardians of your Trust, Hawke’s Bay Foundation will manage your assets so your Trust can continue to fulfil its charitable objectives.

The Hawke’s Bay Ophthalmic Trust is one of several Trusts that have recently transferred their funds to Hawke’s Bay Foundation’s management. Established in 1973, the Trust was set up to provide equipment, training and support for ophthalmic services in Hawke’s Bay.

Ophthalmic Trust Chair Graham Cowley is the sole survivor of the original Trustees and says it made sense to hand over the management of the Trust to Hawke’s Bay Foundation. It will be managed as separately designated fund, known as the “Ophthalmic Education and Facilities Fund”, to be used exclusively for the purposes set out in the Trust Deed of the original Trust.

“I am gratified that the Trust can continue under the guidance of an active body with the resources to both facilitate and adjudicate on applications, while providing a platform for the public to get behind the objectives of the fund.”

If you would like to find out more about resettling a Trust with Hawke’s Bay Foundation, please telephone Amy on 06 870 4648 or email [email protected].