The Tindall Foundation

As regional funding managers for The Tindall Foundation, we have the responsibility of managing TTF’s annual charitable distributions to the local community.

It’s a responsibility we take very seriously and we feel privileged to partner with Tindall to help build a stronger, more sustainable Hawke’s Bay. Tindall’s work is driven by a belief that all Kiwis should have the chance to lead happy, healthy lives, so that families, communities and our environment thrive now and in the future.

Since being established by Stephen and Margaret Tindall in 1994, The Tindall Foundation has given more than $163 million to New Zealand communities, more than $50 million of which has been distributed via regional funding managers and Local Allocation Committees.

All grant applications made to Hawke’s Bay Foundation are automatically assessed for eligibility for Tindall funding. You can find out more about TTF’s funding priorities and exclusions on the ‘How to apply for funding’ page on our website, or by visiting The Tindall Foundation’s website.

Sarah Mulcahy and Fiona Knobloch from Hawke’s Bay Foundation recently attended the biennial TTF Funding Manager’s Workshop in Auckland, where they learnt more about The Tindall Foundation and their funding priorities.
This was also an opportunity to meet the incredible Tindall family and hear inspiring stories from other funding managers from throughout New Zealand and the Pacific.

“The breadth and depth of knowledge about our diverse NZ communities gathered together in a single place during the two-day Funding Managers workshop was astounding. Members of the Tindall family were alongside us actively supporting, encouraging and empowering the conversations. As we hone our grantmaking skills to ensure that we make the best possible grant decisions, we have been tasked with focusing on reducing inequality and on initiatives which benefit Maori. The wisdom, generosity and guidance of the Tindall Foundation and the commitment of them to the model of Community Foundations indicate a positive partnership for the coming years.”

Sarah Mulcahy, Trustee, Hawke’s Bay Foundation