Unison Dividend Cheques Benefit Community

A recent campaign by Hawke’s Bay Foundation encouraged those who could afford it, to donate their Unison dividend to the community

Every year, around $300,000 worth of power dividend cheques are never even banked, so Hawke’s Bay Foundation has set up a special fund enabling people to donate some or all of their $220 rebate.
Giles Pearson, Chair of Hawke’s Bay Foundation, says it’s been heartening to see the community engaging with the campaign.
“We’re encouraged by the number of new donors who have heard our message and believe what we’re doing is worth supporting.”
All gifts to the fund will be pooled and invested forever, with the interest being used annually to provide grants to local charities working with families in need.
The Hawke’s Bay Power Consumers’ Trust fund will remain active, so people can continue to donate to it at any time. Donors can give any or all of their $220 dividend to the fund.
To donate to the fund, visit www.hawkesbayfoundation.org.nz/why-would-i-give/ i-want-to-give/ or telephone Linda on 870 4648.