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A gift to Hawke's Bay Foundation contributes to a growing legacy for Hawke's Bay.

Image courtesy of Birthright CEO Andy Pilbrow.

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Unlike other charitable giving, your gift will go on growing and giving, year after year...

Hawke’s Bay Foundation helps Prima Volta students and graduates find their voices, fostering confidence, ambition and self belief through music.

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...for generations to come.

Hawke's Bay Youth Trust's Giants Boxing Academy students with founder Craig McDougall.

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We know the need is here, we know the generosity is here.

A group of Hawke's Bay Foundation cornerstone donors and their families mark 10 years of the Foundation with a tree planting celebration at Te Mata Peak Park.

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With Hawke's Bay Foundation you get to play your part.
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It's the smarter way to give back to the region you love.

Image courtesy of Brena Smith.

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Hawke’s Bay Foundation enables generous people to make a bigger impact in their communities, by investing donations and distributing the returns to causes close to their hearts, year after year.

By receiving gifts and bequests we connect donors with local causes they love and provide Hawke’s Bay charities with long-term, sustainable income. Unlike other charitable giving, our smarter giving model is built to last – Making Your Giving Go Further.

Introducing a unique way to give: 

Your gift

Is invested and grown

And the ongoing
income earned

Goes to the local
causes you love

The Generosity of our Donors at a Glance

Thanks to our donors, we have made the following impact to our Hawke’s Bay community since 2012:







Hawke’s Bay Foundation Winter Newsletter 2022

Why we give

“I chose Hawke’s Bay Foundation to manage my charitable giving because there’s no bureaucracy, it’s local and gets through to the people who need it. It’s got integrity and I like that.” 

– Rachael Knight, Hawke’s Bay Foundation Donor

Sport Hawke’s Bay general manager Ryan Hambleton and Hawke’s Bay Foundation donor Rachael Knight with the Emerging Young Sportsperson Award. Read more

Our Donors

Donors share why they chose Hawke’s Bay Foundation for their charitable giving.

Where we give

Nourished for Nil

Heretaunga Seniors

Orokohanga Strings